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Video Uploads

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If you have any problems with your video upload that are not covered in this guide please contact

Uploading Supporting Videos

We aim to provide the best possible viewing experience for your content. In order to achieve this, we request that you provide a high quality version of your video. Our preferred video specification, along with alternative specifications we are able to accept, is shown below:

  • File format Preferred format: .mp4 / .mov. Supported alternatives: .wmv, .avi, .dv, .vob, .m2ts, .m4v, .mkv
  • Video codec H.264 (AVC
  • Audio codec Stereo, 48Khz audio is preferred, in formats: AAC (256k or higher), Linear PCM, or Apple Lossless
  • Bit rate 8–10 mbps
  • File size File sizes up to 40 Gigabytes are supported. See the table below (page 4) to estimate upload time for a variety of file sizes and networks
  • Frame rate Frames per second: 24, 25 or 30
  • Note Please do not add letter-box or pillar-box to your video. All videos will display correctly.

Please use our preferred specification where possible, however if your original best quality video is in another format, we would prefer to receive it with a minimum of trans-coding to preserve quality. Broadcast will not be held responsible for any video quality problems.

Please note that it is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure video quality. Broadcast recommends that you check the video quality before the file is uploaded and watch once again when the upload and transcode is complete. If you are not happy with the video quality please recreate the file and, if the file has been uploaded, please email

Estimated Upload Times

This table shows roughly how long a file will take to upload, based on its size and the available bandwidth. Please note that if your computer goes into ‘sleep’ mode during this time, the upload will pause.

Available Bandwidth
File Size 2 Mbps 5 Mbps 10 Mbps 15 Mbps 20 Mbps


34.1 mins 13.7 mins 6.8 mins 4.6 mins

3.4 mins

1GB 68.3 mins 27.3 mins 13.7 mins 9.1 mina 6.8 mins
2GB 2.3 hrs 54.6 mins 27.3 mins 18.2 mins

13.7 mins

5GB 5.7 hrs 2.3 hrs 1.1 hrs 45.5 mins 34.1 mins
10GB 11.4 hrs 4.6 hrs 2.3 hrs 1.5 hrs 68.3 mins
15GB 17.1 hrs 6.8 hrs 3.4 hrs 2.3 hrs 1.7 hrs
20GB 22.8 hrs 9.1 hrs 4.6 hrs 3.0 hrs 2.3 hrs


Replacing a Video File

  • If you are not happy with the video quality then you have the opportunity to replace it at any time before the video is accepted by Broadcast. To upload a new video file go to the Media Library page in the Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards entry site and find the relevant Video Record.
  • Select Delete from the Actions menu.
  • The video will be deleted and the video record will empty. You can then upload a new video by selecting Upload from the Actions menu.

  • Everybody sees what happens on the screen and what goes out, but there's so much work and effort goes into production, the preplanning and making these things happen, to be recognised for that work that goes on preproduction is amazing!
    Richard Wormwell
  • Being able to show those unsung heroes within the technical innovation space is a really important achievement and it's a great awards to be part of...
    David Harnett
    Timeline TV
  • To recognise people that do stuff that isn't normally recognised, you know it's normally the hosts, the executive producers and the creative directors, but yeah the technical stuff makes it happen!
    Lisa Edwards
    Studio Ramsay
  • We're such an important industry to the country, and to everyone we serve from our clients to everyone at home, and there's a huge amount of work that's gone into the last couple of years innovation wise and it's great to be recognised.
    Jai Cave
    Envy Post Production